Your Own Backyard is the Perfect Wedding Spot

July 9, 2020

By: Witt & Company Events

Saying your vows and “I Do’s” in a place where you have so many happy memories can be just the place you’ve been dreaming of! (There really is no place like home!) While there can be some challenges with turning your home into a wedding venue, there are so many reasons why having a backyard wedding would be an unforgettable decision.

2. A Meaningful Location – Your wedding venue could be your own backyard, your parents’ yard where you grew up, or maybe your grandparents’ vacation home where you spent your summers. Some of these locations could be especially meaningful if relatives are no longer here to celebrate with your family. Whatever place you choose, it will be memorable! Another way to keep your backyard meaningful is to leave some of the things you create for the wedding at this property afterwards. You could build an arch or arbor and leave it on-site in a garden when the party’s over. You could come back to revisit the place you were married, over and over again.

3. Comfort – Having the wedding in your own backyard, or at someone’s home you are close to, means your morning may be a bit more comfortable. When couples can have everyone, wedding party / hair stylists / and makeup artists, come to the house, there tends to be a sense of calmness throughout the house that morning. There is something about rolling out of bed and putting on a cute robe in the comfort of your own home that creates a really unique sense of peace on the wedding morning.

4. Wider Range of Wedding Vendors – You may have a bigger list of wedding professionals to work with when holding the ceremony or venue in your backyard. Although we ask to approve your wedding team, we are generally open to working with just about anyone. Many venues either have in-house caterers and bar service providers or they require you to use someone from their list of recommendations. But this isn’t something you would need to worry about if your wedding is in your own backyard.

5. Monetary Priorities – Your backyard wedding may cost a bit more to create the spaces (tent and furniture rentals, lighting, and bathrooms) but you may not be required to pay a food minimum. This leaves you the option of dictating which areas are the most important to you and where you want to spend your money.

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