Where Should I Have My Wedding Ceremony Right Now..?

June 5, 2020

Finding a place to have your special day has always been a difficult choice, so why not think a little outside the box! We do know one thing, you are ready to get married so lets make it happen!

For each couple that could mean various different locations, but it’s still your wedding day, a day you will look back on for the rest of your life so make it special.

Here are a few location idea’s if your wedding is right around the corner!


A tent, in our book, has always been a beautiful place to get married! With the right vendors it can be the perfect intimate space that you and your guest will enjoy.

Bonus: A tent can also double as a place to hold a reception. This can typically be a pretty easy flip if the right vendors are involved!

EventsSavvy Vendors

Tent/Chair/Table Rentals – Elite Rentals 

Chair/Tables Rentals – Vintage Farmhouse Tables

Decor/Rentals – Ruby Design

Food/Catering –  Renard’s 

Floral – Natures Best Floral 


If the weather allows, a backyard wedding could be a great option! Of course, in Wisconsin it’s always smart to have some sort of back-up plan when it comes to outdoor weddings (garage, house, pavilion, etc.), but ceremonies are typically a short and sweet part of a wedding, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the weather! All you need is some chairs, maybe some accent pieces, your guests, and you’re set. Don’t be afraid to splurge in some area’s—remember these memories will last a lifetime. Be sure to get in touch with your vendors to make your backyard wedding a place everyone is talking about!

EventsSavvy Vendors:

Chairs – Vintage Farmhouse Tables & Elite Rentals 

Decor/Rental – Ruby Design

Floral – Natures Best Floral 

Meaningful Locations

If you are going for the downsized intimate vibe why not choose a location that means something to you. If you don’t have to accommodate an ever so long guest list, your options to get married are quite literally anywhere (well within reason)! So go with the spot you and your soon-to-be partner for life first met, or where you had your first date, a family cabin, the beach, your happy place, the options are endless! All you need is an officiant, a spot (be sure to get permission to be there before you go off and get married there), and your closet family and friends!

Wedding Venue

We had a chance to chat with one of the venue owners in our area to see if anything has changed with the local venues we all know and love. We’ve been hearing the same things from every venue in the area— everyone has the same goal in mind; celebrate with loved ones while still considering safety!

Here is what the owners of Sepia Chapel (Green Bay & Two Rivers) had to say…

What are some options for weddings right now at your venue? What will those weddings look like?
We are offering boutique wedding options. a micro-ceremony package, and have a reception package which includes many of the bells and whistles from our large collection, but paired down to accommodate responsible social distancing guidelines.  Also, because we know wedding planning is super stressful right now, we put together a few dates for POP-UP WEDDINGS!  We did this by teaming up with area professionals to offer a fully styled, fully decorated wedding experience– Couples invite their guests and show up in their wedding day attire.

What is included in your event packages?
We include so much!  Beyond our beautiful spaces, we include chairs, tables, linens, complimentary decor, staff, and day-of venue coordinator, and more….
Our Two Rivers venue was awarded the Best Historic Interior Renovation in Wisconsin. We believe our clients value the history of our buildings and will have some really exciting things to share in the weeks ahead!

What are you doing to maintain some type of normalcy on wedding day?
I think the main thing is we have put out a Responsibility Plan to let our clients know what to expect prior to their wedding.
We are hopeful that having things well planned will bring a good vibe and seamless flow to the wedding day.

Is there anything else you would like to add..?
We double downed our efforts during the pandemic and have transformed our Green Bay venue inside to include a modern all-white interior with beautiful new chandeliers, and an updated changing suite.  We also added a beautiful outdoor terrace, with lots of greenery and different textures in Green Bay to help with the flow from ceremony to reception.

EventsSavvy Vendors:

Featured Venue – Sepia Chapel

Other Venues-

Green Bay Distillery

Backstage at the Meyer

Black Sheep Wedding & Events 

Hillside Inn of Ephraim

The Lodge of Leathem Smith

Tundra Lodge Resort 

We urge you to talk to your venue and see what they are doing, what their plan is, and the ways they can still accommodate you in the safest way possible! Sepia is just one great example of a venue in our area still working and doing everything they can to create those special memories.

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