20 Fall Wedding Trends That Are Total Game Changers

April 23, 2020

There are so many trends in weddings and events – but how much of them actually make it to the Midwest and even more-so Northeast Wisconsin? Here is an article from The Whisp that outlines 20 trends, but with our own Northeast Wisconsin comments!





EventsSavvy Comments: Northeast Wisconsin cool summer nights are something we dream about all year long – and we don’t end up with nearly enough of them! So, why not incorporate those dreams into a little corner of your wedding? Feel free to be funky with design and furniture choice, it’s all about comfort and calm. 

EventsSavvy Comments: Long, thin and elegant – what’s not to love about tapered candles? Trends are all cyclical and we are ready to see the sleek designs of the tapered candlesticks. 

EventsSavvy Comments: Moody Tones, Velvet, and Brass are just three of our favorite styles and trends in color and fabric choices for the fall. Textural and Dimension             goals are a staple in Decor Design now. Use some of the functional needs of a wedding like napkins or tablecloths to really set the tone for the look of the entire space. 







20 Fall Wedding Trends That Are Total Game Changers

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