Planning a Spring 2020 Wedding

February 6, 2020

Spring has (almost) sprung! If you’re having a spring wedding and you haven’t finalized all the details yet, now’s the time to do so. This summary of spring-focused 2020 trends should be all you need to get started (or finished). You can also use this guide if you want a spring themed wedding out of season, or if you’re eager to get started on your big day next year. Since wedding trends tend to linger for more than a year, all of these suggestions will still seem relevant when you finally recite your vows.

Choose a Boho or Fairy Tale Theme

Spring is a great opportunity to have a more relaxed style of wedding. In 2020, the two trending themes that are perfect for a spring wedding are luxury boho and whimsical fairy tale. Of course, anything along the lines of garden-themed, boho, rustic, or eclectic is always a go. However, if down-to-earth isn’t your thing, opt for a more minimalistic, clean style. You want your wedding to feel in tune with the season, so it’s a good idea to keep things fresh.

Consider a Brunch or Destination Wedding

Brunch weddings, which are picking up in popularity, feel very right at a spring wedding. There are many benefits to having one, such as saving money, you may want to at least consider the idea. Spring is also fantastic for a destination wedding since it’s a great time to travel. The prices are cheaper than in the summer months and all the popular places won’t be overwhelmed with tourists.

Choose a Venue with an Outdoor Option

A spring wedding ceremony set up under a patio and decorated with flower petals.

Everyone prefers an outdoor wedding, and this will continue throughout the next year. However, no matter where you live, the temperatures might not be warm enough just yet. So if you insist on having a space with fresh air, choose an indoor venue with an outdoor area, instead. If the weather is in your favor that day, you can always relocate some of the events outside for a bit.

Use Pastel or Neutral Colors

Spring is all about everything coming back to life after winter, so something vivid and non-monochromatic is important. But, it’s best to keep things a bit toned down. If you choose to have splashes of color all over, opt for pastel shades like lavender, mint, or blush instead of bright hues. Alternatively, you can keep the majority of your wedding palate neutral; think white and natural shades along with greenery. Then, pick one color that’ll pop against all the others. Berry pairs well with (and is an unexpected choice) for spring themes. And although it may not feel “spring-y,” you can also try to implement Pantone’s color of the year, classic blue.

Wear Color

Although there’s nothing wrong with sticking to white, colorful wedding dresses will be all the rage this year, and spring provides the perfect setting to play with the trend. Instead of going with a bold shade, try a lighter version of it instead. For the fabric, stick with light and airy materials such as lace and tulle, as opposed to heavy, stiff options. Another bridal dress trend that’ll literally pop is 3D flowers. Whether they’re the same shade as your dress or bright in color, they’ll be an ideal addition for a spring wedding. Alternatively, bows will be just as chic.

The same applies to grooms: colorful suits are also highly popular. And since spring is a transition season, one can choose a suit with a less common material, such as thin tweed or linen. Grooms can also experiment with their bow ties, which are now sold in unique materials such as cork and wood, as a simple way to go with the eco-friendly vibe.

Serve Fruity or Citrus Drinks

Pink cocktails with lavender sprigs. at a wedding reception.

Whether you’re serving alcohol or not, a spring wedding is the perfect time to serve cute and fun cocktails. Drinks expected to trend in 2020 include those with gin, citrus and fruity flavors, and spritzes. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with champagne, mimosas, or bellinis. (Frozen cocktails, also expected to the popular this year, are probably best saved for summer.)

Use Minimal or Eco-Conscious Decor

Anything with an eco-friendly and natural vibe will be king in 2020, and there is no better time to implement this than in spring. For example, you can use recycled paper for invitations and place cards, wood signs for decor, and twine if you need to hold anything together. If you want to be extra eco-conscious, use paint on actual leaves in lieu of place cards or signs. And instead of confetti, opt for flower petals.

Serve Light Dishes

Last, but not least, is the meal of the day. Note that people tend to prefer less hearty fare during spring so whatever you put on your menu, make sure it’s not what you’d normally serve at a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. If you’re wondering what to serve at your wedding, look up popular spring dishes or ask your caterer what they have that’s appropriate for the season. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with fish or seafood, and chicken. Colorful dishes and deserts with lots of fruits or veggies are appropriate as well.

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